Cazal Frames for Fall 2014 in New York City

September 23, 2014

Cazal is remebered by the late Carl Zalloni who is the creator and designer of some of the most iconic frames in history. Cazal first emerged on to the scene in the early 80's and get recognition quickly in the street wear world. The classic 607 Frame with clear lenses was a staple on every street hustler who could afford these frames that were made in West Germany. However, over the past decade Cazal has made a resurgence again with a variet of Cazal Legends like the 607, 616, 623, 902, and the 905 just to say a few. You can shop these in a variety of colors at Check it out for yourself and use promo code "PROBUS2009" for 10% off your order plus free shipping. 


These frames are also a favorite among athletes, artists, musicians, and none other than Spike Lee. Here was the face of one of the most recognized photos of teh 80's sporting a pair of Cazal 616's

spike lee cazal 607 nyc

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