How to choose the Sunglasses that fit your face?

June 29, 2015

This feature originally appears in the June/July issue of Complex.

Accessories can make or break the alphet. When done right, it’s the finishing touch, but if you get it wrong, your whole look goes from 100 to 0 (real quick). The solution? A pair of sunglasses that complements your style, and more important, your facial structure. Oval-shaped faces have the most options—whether it’s square frames that contrast or circular frames, you can really go wild. Round faces should opt for frames with an edge to balance out what genetics didn’t give you. Guys with rectangular or square faces should rock rounder frames, to draw attention to their model-ish high cheekbones, which are like the “V-muscle” on your pelvis, but for your face (read: It makes the ladies go crazy). -Jian Johnson


For Oval Faces: Round or Square frames as oval faces fit a variety of styles, like the: DITA MACH FOUR Black Gold $950

For Round Faces: Rounded frames fit much better as they accent the faces natural shape. Much like the THOM BROWNE TB-404B-T $525

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