Han Cholo Jewelery

Han Cholo Jewelry

Han Cholo jewelry is designed by Brandon Schoolhouse, and the brand traces its roots to the subculture of Hollywood's art-and-music scene. Schoolhouse has long been involved with the musical world, and he worked with the Beastie Boys and helped them record songs for their Grand Royal label. If you're looking for bad ass jewelry that is the ideal accessory, Han Cholo rings, necklaces and pendants can add the spark that you have been missing.

Offering a variety of Han Cholo jewelry that is ideal for virtually any occasion, we have pieces that are available in either silver or gold and accented with unique designs, colorful stones and custom textures. Han Cholo's bad ass jewelry can set the tone for an outstanding evening, and Han Cholo rings will bring just the right amount of danger to your wardrobe.
Han Cholo "Venom" Ring
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